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Principal Dr. Smith: Bio

Dr. Candace Smith has been in education for over 20 years. Beginning her educational career as a pre kindergarten teacher implementing a pilot program. She taught third grade for Chicago Public Schools, and then taught for 10 years in Lansing, IL. In those 10 years she taught 3rd and 5th grade. For 3 years she served as assistant principal at another school in the same district.  In that time, Dr. Smith received her doctoral degree through Lewis University. Dr. Smith now serves as principal at Holy Family School. 
As principal, she looks to support the development of a culture of collaboration for the growth and betterment of all students through holistic child development. Her vision is that through the creation of high academic expectations, strong curriculum and healing centered philosophies, Holy Family will be able to foster the formation of a child’s spiritual, social, emotional and academic growth beyond societal narratives creating a future ready, world changing individual.