Did You Know


EVERY child receives financial assistance, and families participate in the cost of programming based upon their financial resources.

Holy Family School does not receive any direct governmental funding. On average, each student receives $12,000 in tuition assistance, raised through the generosity of our individual donors, churches, and foundations. The balance is paid by the families of our students who accept their responsibility with pride, knowing that they’ve exercised a choice that will pay lifetime dividends for their children.

The Little Learners Academy
receives some public funding through the Pre-School for All program and through state subsidies available to working parents (Childcare Assistance Program – CCAP). Parents apply for subsides, and pay modest co-pays for their child to attend LLA.

Adventures in Learning
receives some public funding through the City of Chicago and state subsidies available to working parents (Childcare Assistance Program – CCAP). Parents apply for subsides, and pay modest co-pays for their child to attend after-school and summer programming.

The Peace Exchange
is funded entirely by individuals, corporations, grants, and donations from community partners that nominate and sponsor a Peace Builder.

Parents are full partners in their child’s education

Parents of students in Little Learners Academy and Holy Family School all participate in their child’s education. Parents receive their own “report card” with points in categories such as monitoring their child’s homework, attendance at parent-teacher conferences, volunteerism at the school, and more. Each year, parents who receive sufficient points are given the designation of “Honor Parent” and are celebrated at a dinner at the end of the school year.

Throughout the year, Holy Family hosts many family activities. From Family Math and Reading Nights to the Thanksgiving Chapel and Soul Feast, parents are encouraged to attend with their children to enjoy activities. Holy Family’s new Parent University is a Saturday workshop where parents rotate through various activities such as Basic Nutrition, Positive Discipline and Child Rearing, Fathers Helping Fathers, Ignite and Educate, Financial Literacy and a host of others.

Teachers and staff work closely with our students to help them face special challenges

Many of our students enter below grade level. Teachers are trained to work diligently to ensure that these students master basic skills and proceed to grade level work.

Due to the increasingly violent atmosphere in neighborhoods where our children live, students often come to school with behaviors ranging from withdrawal to aggression. Staff members are trained to recognize and respond to trauma and grief and stand ready to help students struggling with problems that affect school work, peer relations, and home life. From Peace Circles to counseling with a Licensed Professional Counselor, children receive the tools they need to navigate their fears and anxiety.

Holy Family School is a Christian school for children of all faiths

As a faith-based Christian school, we welcome all students from all religions—or no religion at all. Our goal is to provide a spiritual framework for our student’s lives inside and outside school walls.

The area served by Holy Family has one of the highest crime rates in Chicago

Holy Family Ministries Center is located in the Harrison Police District 11, ranked among all 23 Chicago Police Districts with the highest total number of crimes. Violent crimes are almost 2 times the Chicago average and 1st and 2nd degree homicides are almost 3 times the Chicago average. In addition, drug abuse crimes in this District are almost 6 times the Chicago average.

Holy Family Ministries is evaluated independently to assure that donations are being used responsibly

 Candid, formerly known as GuideStar, the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations awarded Holy Family Ministries a Platinum Seal of Transparency, their highest level of recognition.


 Holy Family Ministries holds Charity Navigators’ 4-star rating, their highest level, indicating that Holy Family outperforms most other charities in America.