Little Learners Academy Early Childhood Education


Holy Family’s Early Childhood Education program for children between the ages of three and five. An early boost can change a child’s academic journey forever.
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Young children living in areas marked by high poverty, unemployment and crime often arrive at kindergarten lagging behind the national standards. With high-quality early intervention, the story changes.

This full-day, year-round program offers a highly qualified faculty and skilled childcare team. The Little Learners Academy’s goal is to ignite each child’s interest in learning by encouraging exploration, interaction, and creativity. As a result, children enter kindergarten prepared for success and ready to learn.

Here is what the Little Learners Academy does to make the learning experience unique:

  • Inspires young children to develop a love of learning with support, nurturing, and enrichment to help young learners catch up academically and emotionally and confidently take their place in kindergarten.

  • Motivates children to develop confidence and critical thinking skills using a caring, hands-on approach.

  • Broadens children’s horizons by introducing them to opportunities that they might not experience in their neighborhoods, such as music, meditation, art, STEM and other enrichment activities.

  • Promotes respectful, open communication among families and staff to ensure that learning is consistent at home and school.

LLA is a success: 75% of Holy Family Junior Kindergarten students have average or higher scores on the national Kindergarten Readiness Test. 

Every child deserves a chance for success, and donations from Holy Family friends make it possible for our Little Learners to thrive.