Holy Family School

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Our faith-based school gives children the tools to transform their life and create their future.
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From teachers in the classroom, to staff and counselors, every single person at Holy Family School is committed to helping every student prepare for their future.


What makes Holy Family School unique?

  • A welcoming, stimulating student-centered environment                   
    Students often say they feel genuinely cared for by our teachers and staff. Families and guests are welcome to attend any Wednesday chapel service with our students and join us for many programs and events during the school year.

  • Strong family involvement                                                                 
    Parents are highly involved in their child’s education, and participate in conferences and parenting seminars throughout the year. Each year “honor parents” are recognized for their exceptional dedication.

  • Enhanced STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)         
    STEM initiatives, including our tech “maker space” and biology/gardening workspaces, encourage teamwork and innovation. Teachers guide students and help them cultivate valuable skills using hands-on learning.

  • Counseling                                                                                               
    All too many students are affected by violence and trauma in their communities. Our on-site Licensed Professional Counselor works closely with students who are most affected and provides invaluable support for parents and teachers.

  • Faith-based school culture                                                                     
    Our culture nurtures students and helps them develop and embrace an understanding of God’s love and values that are foundational for everything they do inside and outside of school walls.

Here’s what happens when we all come together in good faith: virtually every Holy Family graduate enrolled in private, charter, boarding, and selective enrollment high schools over the past five years. Our graduates are living proof of what support, nurturing, and an expectation of academic achievement can do. Quite simply, it can change lives.

Every parent has a stake in his or her child’s success, and commits to paying a portion of the tuition based on financial resources. ALL students receive tuition assistance from our givers - generous individuals, churches, and organizations that believe strongly in our life-changing work.